Goal based investing for millennials

Hold on to that thought for a while.The Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2020 highlighted some interesting views on the financial status of millennials. Globally, millennials before the pandemic said they were saving or investing almost 40% of their disposable incomes. 3 in 4 millennials say they actively manage and budget their monthly income to [...]

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Rebalancing to stay on track

If you adhere to basic investment advice that every experienced or even novice investor doles out, you would know that it is prudent no to put all your eggs in one basket. Eggs here refer to your investment and the basket is the financial instrument. The diversification of assets across varied instruments is referred to [...]

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Tax Saving with Loans

Indian Income Tax Act allows for tax deductions and exemptions on interest and principal repayment of certain loans. These tax benefits are a definite motivator to individuals as it helps reduce the outflow of funds which may rather be associated to one’s financial goals. The following are some of the provisions that offer a [...]

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TBNG Magazine – October 2019

Noise levels in current market are very high with everyday new case of defaults emerging and it is making investors nervous and rightly so as hard earned savings are at stake. Indian economy is going through tough times with GDP registering straight fall in last 5 quarter and most of the high frequency indicators [...]

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Status Quo Bias in investing

If we don’t Challenge the way Things have always been we’ll never discover the greatest breakthroughs of our future Status Quo bias simply means doing nothing i.e. avoiding active decision and the let things happen as they always have been without taking any efforts to change it, this is mainly because of the fear [...]

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Yoga & Investments : Striking Similarities

Did you know that the practice of yoga and investments have a lot of things in common and you could incorporate certain yogic techniques in your financial life to beat the stress associated with it. Discipline - Only if you are fully committed while doing yoga will you be able to reap rewards. Similarly, [...]

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Important Diwali Lessons

Deepavali, the festival of light, is one of India's biggest festivals. The festival marks the return of Lord Rama after defeating the demon King Ravana. We start our Diwali festival with offering our prayers to Lord Ganesha for welfare and prosperity and Goddess Lakshmi for wealth and wisdom. All the positive qualities that you [...]

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Side effects of having an ownership bias while investing.

In 2010, Mr. Dumb bought a flat for his personal on Link Road, Bandra. He paid Rs 2.5 crores for that flat and expected the price to go up by 50% in 4 years. Now in 2014, there is a buyer who intends to purchase his flat for Rs 3 to Rs 3.25 crores but [...]

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