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Our vision is to be the most trustworthy destination for managing financial needs. To educate families on behavioural issues and help them follow a structured approach towards managing their finances.


To conduct our business with integrity, develop high level of trust and adhere to ethical practices to build long term relationship with our clients.


TBNG Capital was the brainchild of our founder Tarun Birani, which began operations in 2004 under his dynamic leadership and swiftly matured into a SEBI registered Investment Advisory Firm.

Financial Planning and Life Planning is paramount for an individual to achieve a cushy financial future. But, comprehending the complex financial markets and keeping a tab on every investment can be intimidating. We at TBNG understand the true value of your hardwork and precious time spent in earning every penny. Our focus is to ensure you receive the most of every investment.


Discern – We believe in the power of dreaming and setting goals to initiate momentum and transform lives. Our experts spend numerous hours understanding your needs and wants, to tabularize your financial goals. As times change so do needs and each demand must be fulfilled. Constantly revisiting these goals over a specific span of time to adapt and revise, ensures we are focused and stay abreast.

Devise – Every goal must be backed by a robust plan. Your networth, risk apetite and predominantly your goals will be assessed to chalk out the path. The decisions are eventually yours to make but we ensure you are well-informed and act prudently.

Discipline and etiquette in handling money must be given utmost priority. Through our Thinking Man Program we coach individuals to control emotions like greed and fear which lead to the prospect of a better understanding of financial market behaviour. It empowers you to make cognizant decisions and equips you with relevant insight on personal finances.

Derive – Follow our lead and see the transformation. We are advisors with no strings attached, act independently and are not affiliated to specific investment products. Over 3 decades of professional competence, strong ethics and constructive advice in wealth creation guarantees our unparlleled and unbiased advice. Our meticulous approach to appropriately allocate your resources in alignment with you goals, ensures you are in complete control of your well-heeled financial future.

TBNG Capital has come a long way and we as a team have evolved. Our treasure chest overflows with varied experiences. Our set principles, the integrity in our dealings and code of conduct we follow, keeps our team accountable and bound to accomplish the best results for each client.

Our strong foundation, credit worthiness, transparent and robust processes have encouraged a myraid of busy professionals, entrepreneurs and business heads to place their trust in us as their financial trustees. And with our impressive results in wealth creation we have and continue to establish their respect. Our utmost competence and absolute honesty is our assurance to you while ‘We’ at TBNG continue to ‘Evolve’ and ‘Excel.’

TBNG - Shishir Goenka

TBNG provides independent and insightful financial planning advice taking into account the customer’s needs and goals comprehensively. They are transparent and provide access to investment options that have superior risk-return profiles and which we otherwise would not have known about. They are data-driven, rational and take into account behavioral aspects of financial planning. We are happy to be associated with TBNG.

Shishir Goenka, Founder, Fusion Clothing Company
TBNG - Paresh Parekh

We met TBNG just at right time! Thanks to them, we realized our portfolio was lop sided and needed correction. Tarun Birani has now become a good friend and we look forward to his insights!

Paresh Parekh, Partner, Ernst & Young

I had referred one of my friend to TBNG for the thinking man program and she was so impressed with the process oriented approach showcased by TBNG and team and she decided to go ahead and make an investment with TBNG. I must highlight the process followed by TBNG Capital on Education, Planning,Execution and Review. Read More

Bobby Singh, Founder and CEO, Edusharp Finishing School Pvt Ltd