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TBNG offers its expertise in global investment solutions helping you diversify your investments. Our suite of NRI Investment Services offered extends from investing to advisory, assisting you to grow and preserve your wealth every step of the way.

Be it investing for specific goals, asset allocation, building a robust investment portfolio, or finding the right investment instruments that suit your unique goals and financial requirements, we at TBNG are here to guide you every step of the way with our NRI Investment Services.

Here are the NRI Investment Services that we at TBNG have to offer:

Global Solution

Different Economies are driven by different sectors. The impact of a global event will have varied effects across varied economies. Thus, diversification of assets with global leading organizations across nations, where market cycles are not correlated can ensure portfolios are hedged against risk-adjusted returns. TBNG specializes in global asset allocation and can be your confidant and guide on your journey to investing across the globe.

Advantages of diversification:

  • A wider canvas of opportunities across various global market cycles
  • Gain from appreciating currencies
  • Convert depreciating currency risks into opportunities.
  • Protect your portfolio from volatility and geopolitical risks of a single economy

NRI Services

NRIs operate in two different economies, their country of residence and India. Multiple currencies come into play making financial planning and investing comparatively complex. A plethora of investments that are multidimensional and dynamic by nature needs to be viewed with careful planning, research and foresight. Through periodical reviews and assessments you can ensure you stay the course and achieve your desired outcome. TBNG expertise lies in assisting NRIs benefit through Customized Investment solutions.

Advantages of choosing TBNG:

  • We are working with (Number of) NRIs across (Number of) countries.
  • Customized solutions tuned to suit your unique circumstance and life goals.
  • Periodical assessments ensure your investments are aligned with your goals.
  • In-depth reviews, insight and foresight shared to ensure you stay informed.


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TBNG has been my trusted financial advisor for over 3 Years now and has provided sound information to assist in managing both my personal and business finances. During this time, Tarun and his team at TBNG have played an integral part in helping me achieve my goals with solutions that have been creative, appropriate & Practical. The level of professionalism with TBNG has been exemplary in an environment of strict confidence and trust. Read More / Watch More

Ajoy S Chomaal, Managing Director, Matchless Tele Systems Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
TBNG - Shishir Goenka

TBNG provides independent and insightful financial planning advice taking into account the customer’s needs and goals comprehensively. They are transparent and provide access to investment options that have superior risk-return profiles and which we otherwise would not have known about. They are data-driven, rational and take into account behavioural aspects of financial planning. We are happy to be associated with TBNG.

Shishir Goenka, Founder, Fusion Clothing Company
TBNG - Paresh Parekh

We met TBNG just at right time! Thanks to them, we realized our portfolio was lop sided and needed correction. Tarun Birani has now become a good friend and we look forward to his insights!

Paresh Parekh, Partner, Ernst & Young

I have been associated with TBNG for almost 4 years now and we did click up instantly. Tarun has a depth of knowledge which is backed by an efficient team.

The team is very informative and responsive. Each interaction is taken as learning and they strive to improve each time.

Paresh Joglekar, Vice President Compliance, RBS Bank




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