Did you know that the practice of yoga and investments have a lot of things in common and you could incorporate certain yogic techniques in your financial life to beat the stress associated with it.

Discipline – Only if you are fully committed while doing yoga will you be able to reap rewards. Similarly, you need to be sure about your investments and then be disciplined enough to make regular investments (SIP) or regularly evaluate your portfolio and change the asset allocation as and when required.

Practice – You will not become an expert at yoga overnight. Practice makes perfect. Similarly an inexperienced as well as a seasoned investor should try and educate himself/herself with respect to the field of investments as much they can.

Patience – One cannot expect to become fit instantly. Similarly one cannot expect to make money in a month. You will see rewards slowly but surely provided you invest in a disciplined manner in the right funds. Read our article on ‘Chinese Bamboo Tree‘ to know more.

Invest in yourself – Yoga, just like investments is not a competition. You must aim at making enough wealth for yourself and your family rather than aim at making more wealth than your friends/colleagues.

Lifelong investment – This applies for those who look to create long term wealth. Starting an SIP by saving small amounts is a lifelong journey and helps in creating big amounts of wealth.

Focus – While performing asanas in yoga you must focus on your breathing or else it could be detrimental. Similarly while investing you must have certain short and long term goals in mind and only focus on achieving those. Read our article on Focus< to know more.

Thinking Man Advice

Just like yoga preaches us about these points mentioned above, even investments incorporate similar ideas and eventually these ideas can help in long term wealth creation.