Warren Buffett once quoted, “Someone’s sitting in the shade today, because someone planted a tree long ago.” It is never too late to start investing, but the earlier, the better. If you want to enjoy the shade of a big tree, you need to plant the seed today!

There is a great lesson of patience & persistence which can be learnt from the story of planting Chinese bamboo. When this bamboo is planted, watered, and nurtured for the whole growing season, it does not outwardly develop even just for an inch in first year. Similarly, it fails to sprout in following four consecutive years. And then on the fifth year, something so amazing and incredible happens. All the hard work seems to be paid off and that Chinese bamboo tree seed at last grows. The bamboo tree shoots up to more than 80 feet tall in just one growing season! Now, that is a very astonishing demonstration of the power of nature!

Just like a seed, growth of invested money takes time and patience. To find success in investing, you must invest prudently and then have the patience to let it grow.

Investors who seek quick and easy returns on their investments are generally not successful. By understanding the process behind long-term investing, a mature and patient investor can avoid excess risk and become financially successful.

Thinking Man Advice on how patience can minimizes risk….

  • The longer money remains invested there is compounding magic in the portfolio
  • When time is on your side, it is not necessary to sell an investment when the value has gone down
  • Long-term success comes not by reading the daily financial headlines, but by being patient and sticking to the designed financial plan
  • Understand as investors, we are nurturing our own Chinese Bamboo seeds and desired outcome is to achieve the goals by systematic investments in a discipline manner