Savings vs Investments

At the end of every calendar year, most of us have a similar new year’s resolution – prioritizing our health. While some choose to diet, follow health tips from celebrity nutritionists, I was simply lured in by the heavy discount offered by a gym in my vicinity.  Although I was very excited to start [...]

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Money Lessons from Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is hailed as the symbol of prosperity, knowledge, wisdom and destroyer of obstacles. People seek his blessings in times of happiness and uncertainty alike. Through his many forms, he teaches us valuable lessons. There is a lot to take as inspiration and learn from Lord Ganesh, especially when it comes to managing [...]

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Asset Allocation

In our previous articles, we elaborated the benefits of diversification as well as the perils of over diversification in a portfolio. Essentially, asset allocation is an organized and effective method of diversification.  It is a strategy of dividing the investment portfolio across various asset classes and within an asset class. The basic purpose of [...]

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Emotion of Fear

The equity market can be considered one of the greatest teachers of life. It is a rewarding marketplace that goes beyond making profits; rather it enroots the meaning of success and failure in one’s life. However, behavioral biases are like hurdles that an investor needs to jump over to finish the financial freedom race. [...]

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