Insurance OR Investment NOT Insurance AND Investment

Life, Home, auto, fire are most common forms of insurance that all of us would have heard of. But did you know about these 4 strange instances in which insurance has been used to protect ones assets? 1. Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has insured his legs for 90 million pounds! 2. 'Death by coconut falling [...]

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Fear of Missing Out

Do you feel Jealous or feel that others are doing something more appealing than you when you check their wats’app status or Facebook pictures ,Thanks to emerging social media which has made FOMO (Fear of missing out) a part of our routine life. FOMO is a type of social anxiety wherein the person feels [...]

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Framing Effect

Framing effect is a behavioral concept in which people react differently to two identical proposals depending on how they are presented. The framing effect is a bias, in which people’s decision for two identical options differs depending on whether it is presented as a loss or as a gain; People tend to avoid risk when a positive [...]

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Recency Bias in investing

Recency Bias is pretty simple. Just think it this way “your short term memory dominates your long term memory” Usually it is the tendency that what happened in recent past will continue in the future. Consider an example of flipping a coin. We all know that the probability of any of the two possible outcomes [...]

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Narrow Framing Bias

We don't see things as they are; we see them as we are.” — Anaïs Nin Narrow Framing Bias: Narrow framing means taking a decision without considering all the factors that can affect a particular decision. Example: Mr. Harshil wants to buy a Phone the only factor that he thinks of is the brand [...]

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Yoga & Investments : Striking Similarities

Did you know that the practice of yoga and investments have a lot of things in common and you could incorporate certain yogic techniques in your financial life to beat the stress associated with it. Discipline - Only if you are fully committed while doing yoga will you be able to reap rewards. Similarly, [...]

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