While we celebrate modern times with all its “choices”, think for a moment whether “choices” are a boon or a bane.

While “choices” have given us variety, “choices” have also made our mind to go numb. It has been experimentally proven that too much of choice makes our mind exhausted.

Think of the television channels we have these days. In the good old days we had just one channel but we unfailingly watched the Sunday movie. Sometimes we even watched the movies with our friends and made those moments indelible in our memory.

Today we have “god knows” how many channels. And all that we are left doing is surfing from one to another and back.

Wow!!!!! and aren’t we tired after that?

Clearly the quality of joy seems to have subsided with quantity.

Today if you were to step back and look at the plethora of financial products in the market your head would start reeling.

There are 40 Fund Houses (approx) and each one of them having about 40 products each or even more; a total of a whopping 1600 products to choose from. To make it even worse the investor does has no clue about these products.

The mind is not just exhausted but numb.

While planning for your financial future, you could do the following:

1. You do some serious reading and educate yourself and make sensible decisions like the  Thinking Man”.

2. You may consult a good Financial Advisor and take his help in goal identification and in navigating through this mind numbing world of “choices” to make the right selection for meeting your goals.