In today’s technologically advanced world we have an overload of information. We are informed about almost everything but know only a few things. You might wonder why? Let’s take an example. Can you name one piece of news over the past few years that have helped you take a certain drastic step with respect to your financial life? You would have probably read over thousands of news articles but might be able to recall only a few that actually made a difference to your life.

Our brains react differently to different types of news. “Stock markets crash” or “Indian economy in turmoil” has very negative and sensational effects on ones sentiments. Something like this will always grab our attention and media houses make sure that they put out such catchy headlines. As investors it is very important that one does not get bogged down by such headlines, and one should keep calm in such situations rather than panic.

Thinking Man advice:

  1. While choosing your source of information make sure it is a well known and credible source.
  1. Make sure you do not overload your brain with excess news as it could cloud your judgment while making investment