Welcome to TBNG Capital, a SEBI Registered Investment Advisory Firm. We offer a wide range of personal financial services to business owners, self-funded retirees, senior executives, busy professionals, and NRI’s. As your fiduciaries, we at TBNG Capital act in your best interest offering you advice, investment products and opportunities with zero vested interest. Here are what our clients have to say about us.

Ajoy S Chomaal
Ajoy S ChomaalManaging Director, Matchless Tele Systems Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
TBNG has been my trusted financial advisor for over 3 Years now and has provided sound information to assist in managing both my personal and business finances. During this time, Tarun and his team at TBNG have played an integral part in helping me achieve my goals with solutions that have been creative, appropriate & Practical. The level of professionalism with TBNG has been exemplary in an environment of strict confidence and trust.
Shishir Goenka
Shishir GoenkaFounder, Fusion Clothing Company
TBNG provides independent and insightful financial planning advice taking into account the customer’s needs and goals comprehensively. They are transparent and provide access to investment options that have superior risk-return profiles and which we otherwise would not have known about. They are data-driven, rational and take into account behavioral aspects of financial planning. We are happy to be associated with TBNG
Paresh Parekh
Paresh ParekhPartner, Ernst & Young
We met TBNG just at right time! Thanks to them, we realized our portfolio was lop sided and needed correction. Tarun Birani has now become a good friend and we look forward to his insights!
Bobby Singh
Bobby SinghFounder and CEO, Edusharp Finishing School Pvt Ltd
I had referred one of my friend to TBNG for the thinking man program and she was so impressed with the process oriented approach showcased by TBNG and team and she decided to go ahead and make an investment with TBNG. I must highlight the process followed by TBNG Capital on Education, Planning,Execution and Review.
Avinash Joshi
Avinash JoshiDGM Marketing, Meso Pvt Ltd
“Am very happy with the services provided by TBNG . The decision making process is based on scientific rationale and is backed up by sufficient data . One certainly gets a secured feeling since money matter is dealt seriously giving lot of thought from all angles. The personnel working at the firm are highly qualified and courteous to make sure that all difficulties and doubts are cleared before making any investment decisions . Have been a wonderful enriching journey till now.”
Padmanabhan Harish
Padmanabhan HarishHead of Sales, Xerago, Chennai
“I’m happy to have met with TBNG and their advise on my financial affairs have been thoughtful and insightful with regard to my needs.They helped my structure my entire financial portfolio, and are a good guide in helping me achieve my targets and goals.Their proactive approach to financial planning has put me in a very stronger position.They are Resourceful, Responsive and Reliable.As goes their tag line, TBNG really helps you ‘Redefine Savings’!”
Partner with Leading Consulting Firm
Partner with Leading Consulting Firm
“Tarun is enthusiastic and have come a long way as I have been with him since 4 yrs now. TBNG have shown progress in upgrading self and systems which is commendable .TBNG are on the way to wholesome financial advising which is very much the need of the hour and I am sure they will surpass in this field also. TBNG is very trustworthy and resilient . keep up the good work!!”
Adiya Sharma
Adiya SharmaSr. Vice President with leading Global Bank
I have been associated with TBNG for the last 6 years and really admire there cautious approach to investment management. They are my trusted advisors and always provides me with a balanced view to every opportunity. I with TBNG all the very best to “evolve” and “excel” in the field of portfolio management.
Dharmendra Satapathy
Dharmendra SatapathyFormer Head – Marketing, Tata Mutual Fund
TBNG is one of the select financial advisory firms which has taken advisory business seriously. The design of the website and the tools provided reflect their strong intent of serving investors with transparency and integrity as against looking for plain opportunities and capitalizing on them. In my view the right way of doing business in right way and they seem to be well on their way in this direction. Great stuff indeed. Congratulations!
Dr. P. Anantnarayanan
Dr. P. AnantnarayananSenior Dentist, Meenakshiammal Dental College, Chennai
“I think you guys are extremely professional in your approach. And your strength according to me is your persistence, constant reminders and feedback with your clients. Especially like me cause i need someone behind me to get my job done. Thanks guys!”
Mrs. Anuradha Gandhi
Mrs. Anuradha GandhiBusiness Head, Facility Management Company, Mumbai
“We have been associated with TBNG Financial consultants for more than a decade. We have found them to be very customer-centric. Their research is extensive and their advice is logical. We have associated our fortunes with their advice and we hope to prosper mutually.”
Suresh Patel
Suresh Patel
Very professionally managed, following a thorough documented system. Hope to continue this relationship for the long haul
Mr. Sahin Talathi Director
Mr. Sahin Talathi DirectorInfiniti Building Products Pvt. Ltd.
Thank you is really a small word for guiding, trusting and forcing me for systematic investment planning.

Remember 3 years back when my net worth was close to zero and you and your team at TBNG Capital Advisors Pvt. Ltd., were consistence in making me think for financial security and long term planning.

Today things look different as all aspects including my daughter’s higher education have been secured financially.

You also inculcated the habit of keeping personal and professional finance differently, which has also resulted in Infiniti maintaining its accounts in proper manner and generating funds when necessary.

Big thanks from my family.

Paresh Joglekar
Paresh JoglekarVice President Compliance, RBS Bank
I have been associated with TBNG for almost 4 years now and we did click up instantly. Tarun has a depth of knowledge which is backed by an efficient team.

The team is very informative and responsive. Each interaction is taken as learning and they strive to improve each time.

TBNG has helped me in achieving my goals with a proper product mix of investments in mutual funds, direct equity and insurance.

Tarun also believes in sharing his knowledge which is seen through the various programs he attends in the capacity of a speaker and articles published in various news papers.

It has been a great experience to work with such a humble and wonderful person and his every supporting and smiling team.