Tax Saving with Gifts

India is a country predominantly recognized for its cultural diversity, customs, and religions. It is a commonplace to find close knitted families that celebrate numerous occasions wherein gifts are exchanged as a symbol of love and affection. At times, gifting can also become a legalized part of your tax planning to reduce tax liability significantly. [...]

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Tax Saving with Loans

Indian Income Tax Act allows for tax deductions and exemptions on interest and principal repayment of certain loans. These tax benefits are a definite motivator to individuals as it helps reduce the outflow of funds which may rather be associated to one’s financial goals. The following are some of the provisions that offer a [...]

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Savings vs Investments

At the end of every calendar year, most of us have a similar new year’s resolution – prioritizing our health. While some choose to diet, follow health tips from celebrity nutritionists, I was simply lured in by the heavy discount offered by a gym in my vicinity.  Although I was very excited to start [...]

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