Why Investors should continue with their SIP

Feeling down after seeing your SIP value plummet to all-time lows? Well! You are not alone. Markets have been volatile for a while now since the pandemic struck and has had its effects on businesses and the economy. Side effects of the tumultuous market are falling NAVs in your SIP investments. But, we all [...]

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Fear of Missing Out

Do you feel Jealous or feel that others are doing something more appealing than you when you check their wats’app status or Facebook pictures ,Thanks to emerging social media which has made FOMO (Fear of missing out) a part of our routine life. FOMO is a type of social anxiety wherein the person feels [...]

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Investing in the Stock Market- 3 things you must avoid doing.

Over the course of time we have written several behavioral finance articles to share our knowledge with investors looking to create long term wealth. One can apply our Thinking Man advice from those articles with respect to the recent BSE Sensex crash. The sharp decline in the stock market has made everyone very tensed [...]

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Recency Bias in investing

Recency Bias is pretty simple. Just think it this way “your short term memory dominates your long term memory” Usually it is the tendency that what happened in recent past will continue in the future. Consider an example of flipping a coin. We all know that the probability of any of the two possible outcomes [...]

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Important Diwali Lessons

Deepavali, the festival of light, is one of India's biggest festivals. The festival marks the return of Lord Rama after defeating the demon King Ravana. We start our Diwali festival with offering our prayers to Lord Ganesha for welfare and prosperity and Goddess Lakshmi for wealth and wisdom. All the positive qualities that you [...]

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