Staying goal oriented – Cut the noise

We, humans, are emotionally driven. While our emotions play a part in defining who we are, they sometimes tend to override our capabilities to make rational decisions. It is humanly impossible to rid oneself of his/her feelings, so the best workaround would be to become conscious of the role our emotions play in our [...]

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Tax Planning for business owners and salaried employees

If business owners are the drivers of the economy, then salaried employees are the engine that gives striking horsepower to move the country forward. Yet, often busy with day-to-day pursuits, they neglect their own financial needs and delay tax planning. When it comes to tax saving most people consider only those products that come [...]

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Just Because Syndrome

Do you plan your weekend trip in advance or just pack your bag and go on an unplanned trip?? An unplanned trip sounds risky right!! Then why doesn't unplanned finance sound risky? Why does planning your financial future always take a back seat?? Our personal finance decisions affect our life on a daily basis. Future [...]

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“Choices” are a boon or a bane

While we celebrate modern times with all its “choices”, think for a moment whether “choices” are a boon or a bane. While “choices” have given us variety, “choices” have also made our mind to go numb. It has been experimentally proven that too much of choice makes our mind exhausted. Think of the television [...]

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